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Raquel was born and raised into an Italian-American family in New Jersey, where making tomato sauce and playing cards were Sunday rituals and the sounds of Andrea Bocelli were only a CD player away. She began to know her Puerto Rican family when she was 14, which has had a profound influence on her life since. 

She is a "language chameleon," and has studied Spanish, French, German, Italian, Yiddish, and Russian. If you missed her in Fiddler On The Roof In Yiddish, directed by Joel Grey, at New World Stages, you can fly to Wisconsin and see Fiddler (in English) from February 29th to April 14th. She studied classical voice at Manhattan School of Music, and recently released a concept video and cover of Abi Gezunt with The Mamales. You might see her pop up on your TV screen to sell you the latest goods from Five Below or chatting with fan favorite mascot of The Pennsylvania Lottery, Gus.

An old soul in a young body, Raquel refuses to schedule events in a digital calendar, and writes everything down by hand. You can come to her with any question about eating vegan, where to find the best coffee in New York, or how to solve The NY Times Sunday crossword puzzle in record time. She is based in New York and Philadelphia.

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